The Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing Era

The digital transformation of marketing refers to the shift from traditional ways of marketing to the automated pursuit of digital excellence, utilizing proper usage and optimization of your digital channels. ‘Pre-During and Post Covid-19 Era’ – probably the most crucial time of the century when businesses are relentlessly working towards maximizing their online presence to serve and to be served. They may have great products and services, but if they do not show up in search results to the point that consumers can’t find them online, they essentially do not exist. Therefore, there is no alternative to digital presence, which makes the business searchable for the customers.

Internet usage has more than doubled over the past decade and this shift has massively affected how people purchase products and interact with businesses. Digital marketing is like any other type of marketing—it’s a way to connect with and influence potential customers. The real difference is businesses connect and communicate with those customers online. This makes it crucial for any business to be present online so the target customer can find them when they are searching for something. Making a product searchable is the most crucial step in digital marketing.

What is SEO?

All Search Engines have proprietary search algorithms which define what web content gets ranked higher than others in search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making improvements on and off in a website to gain more exposure for that business in search engine results. More exposure to search engine results will ultimately lead to more visitors finding the business/product or service for the right reasons. Major search engines rank or make websites searchable based on optimizations businesses take on the website, which is most relevant to customer needs and solutions, making SEO a great tool for success. May tools are used in this regard, for example- SEMrush, SEO Optimer, MOZ, etc.

Why Should You Care About SEO?

It is innate human nature to be inquisitive and people search for things digitally. When they search online, they look on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and some others. Google having a 92% market share in the category handles over 3.5 billion Searches/Day (10 Google Search Statistics You Need to Know in 2021 | Oberlo). That traffic can be extremely powerful for a business not only because there is a lot of traffic, but because they are specific and high-intent traffic. These represent even more opportunities to connect with those folks and help answer their questions, solve their problems, and become a trusted resource for them.

Hence, just having a passive website for online presence is not enough. Today, websites are not only an online presence but also the front end of a brand’s customer experience. What a brand communicates and how we communicate are as important as how to target customers to find them. Therefore, there is no alternative to enable digital presence by optimizing it for Search Engines, which makes the business easily found by the target customers in the digital space.

Some SEO Facts: Good to Know

Search Engine’s algorithm is extremely complex, but it’s good to know how it works:

• Search Engines are Looking for pages that contain high-quality, relevant information about the searcher’s query.

• They determine relevance by “crawling” (meaning reading) the web site’s content and evaluating (algorithmically) whether that content is relevant to what the searcher (Audience) is looking for, mostly based on the keywords it contains.

• They determine “quality” by several means, but prominent among those is still the number and quality of other websites that link to your page and your site and trusted sites

Therefore, it’s time to focus on Digital Transformations, taking one step toward SEO-building activities by focusing on keyword strategies, SEO optimization techniques, and creating a proper content strategy for your businesses.

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