Do you like new technologies?


Yes, I like technology. I guess I’m not surprised. And if you read these
lines, it is undoubtedly that you are in the same case.

Have you ever wondered what fascinates you about her? I asked myself this
question recently.

Here are some loose items, without more pretension that my swollen head can
not stand. As usual, do not hesitate to participate in the discussion in
a comment. Otherwise, it will remain a conversation with myself, further
aggravating my chronic schizophrenia. frown

Before you begin, you can read this definition of technology, which I found
quite complete (although perhaps a little heavy).

Technology improves our productivity

As much optimize the short time that we are given to go on Earth, right?

All the tools we have today allow us to work faster. The palm goes for me to
the computer tool. Nowadays we are able in 3 mouse clicks to perform tasks that
required almost infinite time to previous generations. We have the ability to
simplify and automate some tasks without real added value. Companies can
produce faster.

At the expense of employment? I do not think it’s just the skills you’re
looking for that are different. It frees us from ungrateful tasks, we can
gradually take care of things much more rewarding.

Technology improves living conditions

One of the primary objectives of technical developments has been an adaptation
to the natural environment.

Fire control has brought safety, heating, and improved power. The wheel
facilitated travel and transportation. Information technologies have improved
the knowledge of the environment and its control for our own needs.

Developments in the areas of comfort and health would be nothing without the
contribution of technology.

The technology protects the environment

One can think beforehand that the technical progress is at the origin of all
the major pollutions of the planet, and with the exhaustion of the natural

I think this damage is due to the still youthful character of science and
technology. I sometimes tell myself that we may be witnessing his teenage
crisis. Technological evolution will enable us, in a more or less near future,
to use natural resources in a much more rational and sustainable way, and to
fight against the main ills of the planet.

Behind the insolent “green-washing” put forward by many companies
as a simple commercial argument, evolutions of deep thoughts are in progress.
It will take some time but it is a logical evolution. And let’s not forget that
all of us, as consumers, have real decision-making power.

Technology facilitates access to information

Of course, the mere mention of the Internet will suffice to understand this

I hardly imagine today to dispense with this almost inexhaustible source of
knowledge. I think the entire education system should be redesigned around this
tool. I feel that I have learned more, more effectively, self-training through
the Internet than during my entire studies.

Knowing things is essential. Knowing where and how to find the right
information quickly and securely is just as important.

Technology connects people around the world

The image of computer enthusiasts recluse behind his PC has lived. The fan of
technology often puts the sharing and exchanges, virtual or real, at the center
of his concerns. The craze for social networks is visible proof.

Writing, the telephone, the Internet … completely upset our exchanges and
caused many communication barriers to fall. Distances are no longer a limit.

Technology protects democracy

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies and governments to hide
information. These become free and diffusable en masse instantly.

We have been witnessing a real upheaval for a few years now. The
dissemination of data that is supposed to be confidential, the speech of
oppressed populations in the most serious conflicts, thanks to technological
tools, can only lead to lasting changes. I am convinced in any case.

You may find me utopian and naive, but here are a few words why I like
technology. Why I believe it makes the world better. (you can wipe your little
tear here indecision).

You will have noticed that there are negative impacts that are often
attributed to technical progress. I think they are due to misuse, incomplete, or

There may be other aspects that I forgot, I would complete this article if
needed. With the contribution of your comments of course. Thank you!

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