Best 13 tips to boost your sales during the holidays

The end of year celebrations is fast approaching! It’s high time to see how you can use your social networks to optimize your sales, whether for your online store or your physical store. How do you make sure you can get the most out of the holiday rush? Discover here our 13 tips.

Some facts on social networks at a glance

8 out of 10 buyers are influenced by the Internet before making a purchase

One-third of consumers say their purchases during the last holiday season are influenced by promotions.

68% of consumers watch YouTube videos on their smartphones to find out what to buy.

The day with the most online traffic is the day after Christmas from mobile devices.

For the first time, social network traffic will account for more than 5% of total traffic. Instagram grew by 51% compared to 2017 in terms of store traffic.

55% of consumers have a better image of companies that respond to comments on social networks.

Prepare for the holidays

1. Create a poll

Let your customers vote for the products they prefer via social networks. On Instagram and Facebook, for example, you can easily use a survey tool. Ask your customers what products they would choose. On this basis, you can, for example, promote certain products on your online store, offer a 10% discount or organize a contest. Surveys are great tools to find out what your customers like to see and eventually buy.

2. Target your audience with Facebook ads

Target fans of your competitors ‘or complementary brands’ pages to yours. If you offer jewelry, there is a good chance that fans who follow the pages of other jewelry brands are also interested in your products. You could also target former buyers and push them back to your website with exclusive offers.

3. Create a Wishlist on Pinterest

Create a Wishlist chart on Pinterest for special gifts. Display your own products to drive web traffic to your store and boost sales. You can even create some wish lists, such as “Gifts for Mom”, “Gifts for Her/him”. In this way, you can inspire your fans and promote your products in an original way.

4. Prepare your social networks for the holidays

Create a holiday atmosphere on your social networks, change your cover photo and post content that refers to Christmas, St. Nicholas, Black Friday, etc. Promote your products, such as good gift ideas or festive dresses.

During the festivities

5. 12 days of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas begin on December 25th and end on January 5th. Many brands take the opportunity to make a promotional campaign.

For example, you could offer an exclusive discount on a different product every day for 12 days. This will arouse the curiosity and enthusiasm of your fans every day. Or you could also offer a free gift every day by selecting one of your fans.

6. Organize a contest

Ask your fans to share their list of Christmas gifts (including products of your brand) on social networks and to mention you. For the duration of the contest, your fans will share a list of your products and make organic advertising for you.

7. Special Offers via Facebook

Create a special offer via the Facebook “Offer” button. Ideal for last-minute shopping just before the holidays. Choose the right target group and make sure the discount you pay is worth it!

8. Collaborate with influencers

Influencers are a good way to reach a wider audience and increase your sales. If you sell clothes, for example, you can give an influencer a certain budget to shop at home. Then, he/she can promote these clothes in Instagram Stories and add a discount code, especially for their fans.

9. Use hashtags

Use unique Instagram or Twitter hashtags for all holiday messages. Wish your customers happy holidays with a special hashtag or place a promo code in your Tweets and / or Instagram posts with a link to a special offer. Think of hashtags such as # Discounts, # Christmas, #SaintNicolas or #BlackFriday.

10. Create an original YouTube video

Create an engaging YouTube video with hidden offers. Let your fans know that there is a hidden message or offer somewhere in the video. This will encourage your fans to watch and even share it. Hide a discount code at the end of your video, for example!

11. Offer unique discounts

Offer special discounts to your fans on social networks. Place a discount code or link for free shipping. Or, for example, send a direct message discount code when someone follows you and leaves a comment on one of your posts. If you offer limited offers, you will attract more customers!

12. Create tutorials

Create holiday-specific tutorials and make references to the products you sell. For example, if you sell kitchenware or home décor, you can create videos that showcase this fantastic Santa Claus cookie pan or pretty decorations to create the perfect Christmas table.

13. Keep an eye on the mentions of the products you sell

If someone mentions a product on the social networks you sell in your shop, make sure you can contact that person and promote your store. Just follow the key hashtags on the networks and use monitoring tools like Mention and Google Alerts.

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